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May 23-25 in Seoul: Masterclass Carbon Management for Korean companies


It is now most likely that an emission trading scheme in Korea will start in 2015. Although 2015 seems far away we would strongly advise Korean companies to start preparing right now. It will all start with education. During a 3 day Masterclass - jointly organized by Maycroft and Seoul based Carbicon, Kasper Walet will share his extensive expertise and explain how the European peer companies did prepare themselves to the EU ETS cap and trade system.

Korean companies could learn valuable lessons from the top companies in Europe that started preparing themselves already years before the EU ETS would officially start and are now among the most successful companies dealing with emissions. These companies have integrated carbon management into their every day operations, allowing them to identify and control liability and realizing significant extra income from emission reductions.

Please read the interview in Korean with Kasper Walet for the Economic Korean Newspaper.

We will publish the (English) information about the masterclass next week!

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