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Essentials of LNG Trading and Risk Management Report released


The latest report in the Maycroft Commodity Markets Intelligence Series is about one of the hottest commodities today: LNG. 

The LNG markets have changed dramatically the last couple of years. As a result the short term markets and trading have developed very fast. In this practical and comprehensive report we will take you through all the crucial factors that do have an impact today or could have one in the future on the direction and development of the short and short term trading markets in LNG. 

This report is for everyone who would like to get a thorough overview and understanding of the LNG trading markets and its drivers. 

Please click here to get a summary of the report (PDF). You can order the full electronic version of the report through the order form.

Subscription also available

We offer the option to subscribe to the full series of market intelligence reports. The subscription fee is USD 3,500, for which you will have the opportunity to select a market report every 2 months, so you will receive 6 market reports in a year. Of course you will have the opportunity to demand more reports for an extra fee of USD 750 per report.

Please read all about it on the Market Intelligence page!

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