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Best Practice Risk Management for Energy Trading Guide

Posted by Administrator on 06/08/2015
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There is a lot of uncertainty about the future direction of the electricity and natural gas markets today. As a result price volatilities will increase, offering good opportunities, but also many challenges to energy traders. To survive in this exciting and competitive environment an effective trading and risk management strategy is crucial.

In essence trading is a risk management discipline. When business processes and structures are substantially less than optimal, the inability to account properly for risk- return trade-offs means that money is left on the table or that returns are in fact generated by taking much greater risk than is explicit.

To allow you to check whether your company is well established and ready to take up these challenges, I have prepared for you a guide titled ‘Best Risk Management and Governance Practices for Electricity and Natural Gas trading’. These best practices are based on my more than 25 years of experience gained from advising numerous large to small sized energy companies from all over the world.

The guide is designed to serve the needs of companies in various stages of implementing a risk management framework and could serve as a high level implementation guide or as a checklist of good practices.

Please read the guide’s contents by clicking here. If you find the guide interesting, fill in and return the order form. If you do that before July 1, 2015 you could benefit from an early bird discount of € 1,000.

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