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Maycroft Commodity Markets Intelligence Series

In today's volatile commodity markets, it is not easy to keep yourself up to date about the latest market trends and the impacts on your business. Maycroft has already successfully published several expert industry reports under our Commodity Markets Intelligence Series.

Our reports are essential reading for those who need a clear understanding of the existing market conditions and to assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market in the future.

Our excellent global network means that we are ideally placed to provide you with unique insights into the latest developments in the different international commodity markets. By sharing our expertise, we provide you with the tools to keep up with market events and the necessary know-how to make sound decisions.

Among our customers are utilities, traders, exchanges and (OTC) clearing organizations, financial institutions, regulators, energy-intensive industry, project developers, professional advisers trading technology companies, and energy equipment companies.

Published Reports

  • Cotton Market (January 2012)
    You could download this report for free here.
  • LNG Trading and Risk Management (September 2012)
    For the report summary please click here, and to order please click here.
  • Asian Coal Derivatives Trading (September 2013)
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Upcoming publications

  • Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements in Asia and Africa (October 2013)
  • (OTC) Clearing for energy companies (November 2013). Please click here for more information.

Market Intelligence Consulting 

If you are looking for a market intelligence report that is specifically tailored to your requirements, we could help improve your company's performance by providing you with the facts, market research analysis and advice you require to succeed in the marketplace.

Please contact us, to discuss in more detail how our services would be beneficial to you and your company.