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White Paper and Seminars about Artificial Intelligence for the Energy Industry


Maycroft joined forces with River Commodity in a venture called AIEnergizer. We published a white paper about how we supported a major European energy company to implement an Artificial Intelligence solution for their trading activities. In the white paper you can read how that energy company increased their profitability by 20% using a Robot Trader. You can download the white paper by clicking here.

Building on this white paper we are organizing a seminar about Artificial Intelligence for the Energy Industry. Artificial Intelligence is not only for trading but could be applied to many different activities in the energy industry.

Depending on your expertise level you could follow a one day general seminar in which we will introduce you to the essentials of Artificial Intelligence for energy firms and how to link that to your strategy.

We are also offering an advanced 3 day course that consists of the general workshop on Day 1 and much more in depth contents on day 2 and 3.

Read more about this highly informative and excellent seminars in this brochure.

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