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Carbon Markets and Emissions Trading

Climate change is being discussed for some time now. However, only recently it became a key part of the global economic and environmental debate.

This was caused by the movie and Nobel Peace Price for Al Gore and the start in Bali of the negotiation process for a post-2012 climate change agreement. The year 2008 is the formal start of the compliance period of the Kyoto Protocol and of Phase II of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

Carbon trading is a boardroom issue

Carbon probably is the commodity market that comes the closest to the trading potential offered by financial markets. Carbon trading is not just something for the environmental specialist in your company, but is actually a Boardroom issue. Emissions trading will certainly have an impact on business results and the company value.

More and more companies are getting interested to learn about the opportunities and challenges of Carbon. Companies that do have a cap on their emissions want to build an emissions strategy. Companies that see chances in CDM projects want to assess the feasibility and the procedures.

Issues and challenges

The main challenge in the carbon markets today seems to be the regulatory uncertainty, making trading and investments decisions not an easy task at all. The impact of carbon will be different for each individual company. You therefore need to have a thorough understanding of issues such as:

  • How to build a carbon strategy for my company?
  • What are the latest developments regarding carbon credit prices?
  • How to market credits from CDM projects?
  • How do the flexibility instruments, including the CDM process operate?
  • What will be the impact for your company if the credits in Europe will be auctioned from 2013?

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