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How to successfully manage credit risk for PPA's
Together with our sister company AIEnergizer, we have developed and built the PPA Credit Risk Analytical Tool. A tool that you can run by using your good old Excel, but with an Artificial Intelligence power engine behind it.
Master the Basics of the Power Purchase Agreement
In this PPA introduction program you will gain the knowledge about the essentials of the PPA that would give you the basic skills to understand what it is all about and be a good sparring partner to the experts. This program will teach you what is expected by the regulators, lenders, project sponsors, and off-takers to have a successful and bankable PPA.
The Art of the Corporate PPA: a 3 day Workshop

Learn how to use, prepare and negotiate Corporate PPA's during our highly interactive and practical 3 day course, that will take place October 29-31, 2018 in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The Art of making a Corporate PPA

Learn how to use, prepare and negotiate Corporate PPAs during our highly interactive and practical 3 day course, that will take place June 18-20, 2018 in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

White Paper and Seminars about Artificial Intelligence for the Energy Industry

Maycroft joined forces with River Commodity in a venture called AIEnergizer. We published a white paper about how we supported a major European energy company to implement an Artificial Intelligence solution for their trading activities

Nieuwe vorm van groene stroom inkopen - Corporate PPA's

Op 5 juni 2018 organiseert Maycroft een seminar waarin 4 topexperts je alles zullen vertellen over Corporate Power Purchase Agreements. Een corporate PPA is niet alleen voor bedrijven interessant, maar zeker ook voor publieke organisaties zoals provincies, gemeenten en ziekenhuizen.

New articles about machine learning and AI added
Maycroft joins forces with River Commodities to offer Machine Learning services
Articles about the different aspects of compliance and surveillance

Here's a series of articles about the different aspects of compliance and surveillance.

Maycroft Energy Compliance Intelligence Series; at your service

There is so much going in Europe’s electricity, gas markets. A myriad of new regulations like, REMIT, MAR, EMIR and MiFID 2 need to be dealt with. Many energy companies have taken action to have some kind of program in place to make sure that they will be compliant to regulations like REMIT, MAR and MiFID 2.

How to survive in the fast changing LNG Markets

The next 3-5 years the global LNG market will go through a cycle of change in the underlying fundamentals. Particularly the new wave of supply from the US is going to be a game changer. If no new demand will be created to absorb this supply surplus, there will be a surge in LNG spot trading. Impacting the global LNG prices in the short and medium term.

Frst issue of our Energy Compliance Intelligence Series

We have just launched the first issue of our Energy Compliance Intelligence Series. This publication is a showcase for our ambition to become the leading source for electricity and gas trading compliance.

New addition to our Commodity Markets Intelligence Series: Implications REMIT and MAR

On July 3, 2016 the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) will enter into force. MAR deals similar as REMIT with market abuse of the EU power and gas markets. In this report Kasper Walet brings together all his expertise, including his experience with having to deal with the questions and issues the traders are struggling with regarding being REMIT/MAR compliant. 

Latest release in our Commodity Intelligence Series: Best practice risk management for energy trading guide

Don’t you want to know whether you and your company do leave money on the table or that returns are in fact generated by taking much greater risk than is explicit? To allow you to check whether your company’s risk management framework is up-to-date, I have prepared for you a Guide titled; ‘Best Risk Management and Governance Practices for Energy (electricity, natural gas, LNG, coal and oil) Trading’. These best practices are based on my more than 25 years of experience gained from advising numerous large to small sized energy companies from all over the world.

New in our Commodity Intelligence Series: Essentials of Power Purchase Agreements

The last couple of years we have successfully conducted several (educational) projects regarding Power Purchase Agreements(PPA's) for energy companies, regulators, financirs and investors from many emerging countries across Asia and Africa. That made us realize that there is a huge need for information about PPA's for IPP projects. That is the exact reason why we have published this report about the Essentials of Power Purchase Agreements as part of our Commodity Intelligent Series.

The Asian Coal Benchmarks and Risk Management

Our latest publication "Asian Coal Benchmarks and Risk Management Report” is a must read for everyone who would like to get a thorough overview and understanding of the evolution of the Asian Coal market dynamics, benchmark indices and risk management instruments.

Successful series of Power Purchase Agreements training courses

In the past year Kasper Walet has conducted several highly successful PPA training courses for countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These courses were well attended by regulators, project developers, state owned energy companies and many others.

What are the odds that a CCP could go bankrupt?

With the implementation of EMIR, clearing will become mandatory for many companies, also for non financial companies active in the (energy) commodity markets. The result would be that these companies will be dealing only with one or two Central Counterparties (CCPs). The probability of a clearing house going bust is very low, due to well-structured and capitalized CCPs. But it certainly is not impossible, and the impact would be devastating to the entire financial system.

Pre-publication offer for Report on OTC Clearing for energy companies
The coming into force of the new EU regulation called EMIR might become a game changer for energy companies. EMIR will introduce significant changes to the OTC energy derivatives market by mandating central clearing of energy companies who exceed certain thresholds.
Power Purchase Agreement Training Course for emerging countries
Kasper Walet conducted a very successful 4 day training course on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for the power sector in emerging countries in Johannesburg, South Africa. The participants were senior people from the national utilities, regulators, engineering firms and project developers from countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Togo, Zambia. Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique. Nigeria and Sri Lanka.
Make your company REMIT proof
Insider trading and market manipulation for energy companies were terms from another, the financial, world. With the new EU regulation REMIT also energy companies will have to comply to these rules. To avoid risking your company’s reputation through being fined or other sanctions, you should implement a Compliance and Insider Trading Policy. To help you on your way, Maycroft is now offering a new product called: the REMIT Compliance Scan.
Essentials of LNG Trading and Risk Management Report released
The latest report in the Maycroft Commodity Markets Intelligence Series is about one of the hottest commodities today: LNG. This report is for everyone who would like to get a thorough overview and understanding of the LNG trading markets and its drivers.
Successful workshops impact of new EU regulations on energy trading
In the past 2 weeks Kasper Walet has conducted 2 very successful one day workshops in which he discussed the impact of the new (financial) regulation like REMIT, MIFIDII, EMIR and CRD on energy trading.
Maycroft offers new in-house workshop
Due to high demand in the market we have developed a one day in-house workshop about the impact of the upcoming financial regulation for companies active on the wholesale energy trading markets. In this workshop Kasper Walet will connect both the legal aspects and the practical implications of upcoming regulation like Mifid, REMIT and others for the daily operations and risk management of the energy companies.
Uncertain future of Asian LNG Market
Probably one of the hottest commodities around today is LNG. The global gas markets have gone through a lot of unexpected changes in the last couple of years. Putting the market outlook completely upside down. First there was the shale gas revolution in the US and then last year there was the aftermath of the Fukushima earthquake. This not only caused much more demand for LNG in the Asia Pacific area, but another unexpected outcome was that Germany put a ban on its nuclear power stations by 2022. Capacity that most likely will be replaced by gas fired plants. But there is more.
LNG Markets and Asia SpotTrading Training Course

Kasper Walet conducted a successful 3 day training course about the Global LNG markets in general and the Asia spot market in particular in Singapore February 20-22. The event was organized by Petro Edge.

Blog post by Kasper Walet about Turkish Derivatives Exchange (Turkdex)
The Turkdex may have launched its electricity futures contracts too early, ahead of the developments that are still to come in the Turkish electricity markets. Read more about it in "Turkish electricity futures stumble".

New blog post: APX –Endex Wood Pellet Exchange has cold start
November last year, the biomass renewable energy exchange was introduced. The first contract listed on this exchange is an industrial wood pellets contract. Rotterdam was chosen for its proximity to key wood pellet consumers in Germany, its accessibility for US exporters, and the ambition of the port of Rotterdam to advance its status as an energy trading hub. Will the market players adopt this new exhange?
Maycroft will run LNG Journal workshop
Kasper Walet will deliver the LNG Journal Markets, Trading and Risk Management workshop taking place on 25 - 26 January 2012 at the Westbury Mayfair Hotel in London.
Master the Revolution in Credit Risk Management

The credit function at energy and commodity companies looks set to undergo revolutionary changes over the next couple of years. Regulation of derivatives trading has become a focus for governments across the globe since the financial crisis, with the US taking the lead in the form of the Dodd-Frank Act and Europe following closely behind.

In this one day seminar we will share our view on what is likely to happen and how you could prepare yourself and your company to manage these changes.

Sharia compliant commodity training course for Islamic Development Bank
Kasper walet will deliver a 5 day training course about Commodity Markets, Derivatives & Finance to the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, a part of the Islamic Development Bank Group based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. An important part of this training course will be dedicated to Sharia compliant commodity trading.
Growing interest in Maycroft’s Commodity Training Courses
Particularly financial institutions from Asia and the Middle East show an increasing interest in Maycroft’s in-house Commodity Training Courses.
New blog post about how to establish the Turkish Power Index
Kasper Walet posted a new blog post about how to establish the Turkish Power Index.
English information about seminar for Korean Companies May 23-25

As promised in a previous news article, we publish English information about the coming seminar "Preparatory Workshop for
the Practical Implementation of Carbon Prevention and Emission Trading Strategies into Business Concepts of Korean Companies", on May 23-25 in Seoul.

Building a hedging and risk management strategy for waste-to-biomass plant
We are currently supporting the Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd (PREL) in designing a hedging and trading strategy for their waste-to biomass power plant.
Sponsorship opportunities Carbon Seminar South Korea
For Korean companies to be prepared for the coming emissions trading system that is going to be launched in 2015, we will run a unique 3 day seminar in Seoul on May 23-25, 2011. We offer interesting sponsoring opportunities that could place your company as an innovative brand in front of the key market players in Korea.
May 23-25 in Seoul: Masterclass Carbon Management for Korean companies

It is now most likely that an emission trading scheme in Korea will start in 2015. Although 2015 seems far away we would strongly advise Korean companies to start preparing right now. It will all start with education. During a 3 day Masterclass - jointly organized by Maycroft and Seoul based Carbicon, Kasper Walet will share his extensive expertise and explain how the European peer companies did prepare themselves to the EU ETS cap and trade system.

New blog post about setting up an electricity trading desk

Electricity markets are really volatile, offering both challenges and opportunities. To survive in this exciting and competitive environment an effective trading and risk management strategy is essential. The key to successful trading activities will be having access to real-time information about a wide range of factors including power prices, prices of other key commodities like gas, coal and oil, understanding speculative activity, global, regional and local events and demand and supply dynamics.

Blog posted about the use of structured commodity derivatives by Asian businesses
Kasper Walet has posted a new blog about the use of all kind of structured commodity contracts by Asian corporates.
New blog post about the need of Turkish energy companies for a PMO
Most Turkish energy companies are project-based organizations. The risk of failure in projects is notoriously high, but you can significantly increase the success rate of your projects to an impressive 90% by establishing a so-called Project Management Office (PMO).
Blog posted about Carbon Management for Japanese and Korean companies
Kasper Walet has posted an new blog entry about Carbon Management for Japanese and Korean companies.
Carbon Management Course Korean company
Maycroft has trained a major Korean company about Carbon Market Fundamentals and Macro structure of Carbon Markets, Impact Copenhagen Accord on Carbon Trading and CO2 Prices, EU ETS Price Forecasting, EU ETS Derivatives, Risk management and Strategy, Framework for Carbon Management for Energy Intensive Industry.
New blog post about the Turkish electricity market
Kasper Walet has posted a new blog post about the Turkish electricity market.
Carbon and energy courses with Business School Diploma
Kasper Walet has become an associate consultant to Tulip Consulting.
Successful start joint venture Turkish electricity market
The joint venture of Maycroft and Nexia Turkey has a very successful start.
Maycroft provided training courses for the CEE and SEE countries
In April Maycroft has conducted 2 very successful training courses for energy companies in the Central and Southern European region.
Masterclass Energy Markets and Derivatives Trading
On April 12-14 the 3 day highly interactive Energy Markets and Derivatives Masterclass will take place in Vienna, Austria. The Masterclass will be lead by Kasper Walet of Maycroft together with Jerry de Leeuw of Mercurious and is organized by Oliver Kinross.
Commodity Awareness Training Course for banks
Maycroft is now offering a new in-house Commodity Awareness Course to banks. With the upswing in commodity prices in 2009 and the greater investor risk appetite commodities are back in the interest of the banks.
Joint venture Maycroft and Nexia Turkey
Maycroft has formed a joint venture with Nexia Turkey to offer products and advisory services to the participants in the Turkish electricity market. Turkey is the 6th largest electricity market in Europe and one of the fastest growing globally.
Risk management assessment: 'Maycroft Risk Scan'

Research shows that the hot topic among energy companies in 2009 is Risk Management. Maycroft introduces a new service called the 'Maycroft Risk Scan'.

New tool: Forward Curve Creator
The Forward Curve Creator is a software tool based on Microsoft Excel, designed to create hourly forward price curves in electricity markets.
Two ways to improve training effectiveness against lower costs
Maycroft has two alternatives for expensive but not so effective general staff training: e-learning courses and in-house trainings.
Pilot e-learning now online
Today we have launched our new service: e-learning solutions. To show you the possibilities that e-learning has to offer we have put online a Pilot module.
Course Calendar 2009: general and in house training courses for IFF
In 2009 Kasper Walet will conduct several general and in house training courses. For IFF Kasper will be a trainer at a number of general courses:
New in 2009: elearning courses on commodity trading and risk management
Maycroft, in cooperation with Solvolution, will develop elearning courses on commodity trading and risk management. First we will develop a pilot on the carbon markets and emissions trading that will become available on our website early 2009.