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You and your business are certainly aware of the challenges that are facing the world today:

  • Scarcity of commodities
  • Climate change
  • Insufficient energy sources
  • Transfer of power from West to East (rise of India and China)
  • Food shortages
  • Scarcity of water

Your company will face the same risks and more. Risks coming together simultaneously in a perfect storm of greater resource need but reducing resource availability.

Climate change and scarcity of natural resources

Three quarters of the production companies fear that the scarcity of natural resources will jeopardize their profitability in the coming 5 years. Besides, many businesses are increasingly aware of the need to respond to climate change, both in operational and strategic terms.

Climate change could have a range of impacts on your business as well, including disrupting business operations, increasing costs of maintenance and materials, and raising insurance prices. In other cases, climate change may also offer new business opportunities.

Although the awareness about these issues seems to be quite high, there is also a wide gap between the assessments of risks and the implementation of risk management actions. Does this sound familiar to you?

Using resources in a non-harmful way

There is a solution: it is called Sustainability. It is about using resources in a way that does not harm the economic and social and environmental well being of present and future generations.

As an executive you know that making your company sustainable is going to be an immense task. One that probably is not very well defined and also seems to be at odds with the principle of maximising profit or even running a profitable business. Although you have a good idea about what the future should be, the chance is that you have not yet embraced what it takes to get there. Most likely you do not have a clear idea how to get there.

But where can you find support to help you realize this?

Let us help designing your Sustainability Framework

Maycroft can support you in designing your companies' Sustainability Framework. Such a framework should at least include:

  • Risk Management. This is key to any sustainable framework.
  • Waste management.
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Carbon Management – less intensive fossil / resource use
  • Sustainable people
  • Supply chain
  • Measurement – global reporting initiatives
  • Sustainable business plans
  • Corporate Responsibility

Our Sustainability Multi Client Study

We kindly invite you to participate in our multi client study to understand excellence and best-practices in sustainable management. This study will give you and the other participating companies best practices in the organization and management of a sustainable strategy.

From experience we know that a multi client study is a highly effective and very successful tool to get excellent and 'best practice' results at reasonable costs to the participants.

We are seeking a maximum of 20 participants. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as well as one of the exclusive participants. Interested to participate? Please contact us to receive all the information.