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Reskilling your people to be AI ready is key

Posted by Administrator on 02/06/2018
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Wouldn’t you be interested to achieve cost reductions, better customer experiences, productivity and revenue growth and working-capital optimization for your company? Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine learning (ML) could do that for you. An investment in ML can pay off, if you adopt the right approach.

For the general public, AI is synonymous with robots that someday might even take their jobs and self-driving cars. But at the enterprise level, AI means something different. 

AI is a broad term. It refers to a group of technologies that includes:

  • Machine and deep learning;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Process automation;
  • Speech recognition;
  • Natural language processing.

These technologies allow businesses to mine data, generate insights, create operational efficiencies, provide stronger experiences, and close the gap between information and action in ways that were never possible before.

What will differentiate AI success from AI failure is strategy. AI must be part of the organization’s overall business plan, along with aligned resources, structures, and processes.

Collaboration between humans and machines can enhance capabilities, create new job opportunities, and open the door to deeper, more accurate insights and foresight for your company. But before you will see the benefits, you must first prepare your organization for change.

How your company will prepare the business culture for this transformation is vital to your long-term success. That includes:

  • Senior management should understand the benefits of AI;
  • Fostering the right skills;
  • Talent, and training;
  • Change Management;
  • Creating an innovative culture.

Apart from the really big Tech companies such as Google, Netflix, Amazon and some others not many businesses are ready to overcome the barriers to preparing their organizations for such a radical change. Are you already reskilling your employees to deal with these new technologies and be ready for a successful future?

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