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Maycroft Training Services

Continous education will be key to keep you and your company competitive in the very dynamic markets of today. Through proper training your people will be up to date.

That means educating everyone from the senior management to the people who do the day-to-day work. Everyone within your company should have a good understanding of the latest developments in the electricity markets and risk management. The training should be tailored to the specific needs of everyone.

Our Approach

Our Energy Commodity Risk Training courses have been specifically developed with the objective to provide you with well-thought-out training programs on trading and risk management that respond to what all kind of companies with an interest in the energy sector need.

  • We offer trainings for all levels, from beginner to expert and on all energy and commodity related topics;
  • We put our most knowledgeable and experienced trainers at your disposal to ensure you the best knowledge transfer and efficiency. All of them are real experts and have a proven record of successful training experience;
  • All our courses use up-to-date material, always adapted to the situation your company faces or is likely to face, bringing participants a greater interest in attending;
  • Look at our proficiency trail to give you a clear overview of our courses and help you choose which is most adapted to your level and knowledge;
  • Decide where, when and what exactly you want to learn, we come to you and together we decide how we can tailor our programs to fulfill all your requirements;
  • We guarantee you high quality courses, immediately applicable to day-to-day business.

The "Training & Consulting" Formula

Our research has shown, that there is a lack of consistency, especially with advanced trainings, because people cannot apply what they have learnt in their company. For this reason we have developed a formula we call "Training & Consulting" which is valid for all advanced training courses. We thereby give you 2 days of free consulting, either before or after the training, so that you can be sure, that the course your people take part in will be useful and applicable to your company.

Courses for all levels

Our courses can be addressed to all levels of people, from expert traders to people with an interest in commodity trading but with little or no knowledge.

We distinguish three different levels of which a description is given in the table below. Of course this is just to give you an idea, all courses can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Course Levels

Our Satisfied Customers

The Nexia trainers have given numerous seminars, workshops and (in-house) training sessions to companies all over the world, in countries like France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium the Netherlands, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Below are companies for which we have provided in house training courses:

  • BarCap (United Kingdom)
  • RBS Sempra (UK, USA, Asia)
  • BNPParibas (France)
  • E.ON (Germany, UK)
  • RWE (Germany)
  • ATP Verbund (Austria)
  • HSE (Slovenia)
  • Gen-I (Slovenia)
  • A2A (Italy)
  • Enel ( Italy)
  • ENI (Italy)
  • Nuon (Netherlands)
  • Essent (Netherlands)
  • Delta (Netherlands)
  • ESBI (Ireland)
  • Malaysia LNG
  • Chugoku Electric Power (Japan)
  • Kansai Electric (Japan)
  • Edison Trading (Italy)
  • CEZ (Czech Republic)
  • Centrica (United Kingdom)
  • GasTerra (Netherlands)
  • PowerSeraya (Singapore)
  • Singapore Power GDFSuez Asia (Thailand)
  • RAO Nordic (Finland)
  • OFGEM (UK)
  • OPCOM (Romania)

The proficiency trail

To better situate your training needs, look at our proficiency trail below where you can find a clear overview of the courses we offer and how their interrelate with each other.

Proviciency Trail

With the help of this proficiency trail you get an overview of the topics we offer, in which level-range they are situated and how they interrelate. Once you have chosen the topic that interests you, go and have a look at the details of that particular course which you will find here.

If you would like to discuss particular training opportunities, please contact us.