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About Us - Kasper Walet

Kasper WaletKasper Walet has graduated with a Masters degree in Law from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands in 1987. Over the years he has become an expert in all the aspects of trading and risk management of commodities.

Kasper started his career at the NLKKAS, the Clearing House of the Commodity Futures Exchange in Amsterdam.

After working for the NLKKAS for five years, he was appointed as Member of the Management Board of the Agricultural Futures Exchange (ATA) in Amsterdam at the age of 31.

While working for the Clearing House and exchange, Kasper became an expert in all the aspects of trading and risk management of commodities.

In 1997 he founded his own specialist-consulting firm that provides strategic advice about (energy) commodity trading and risk management.

Kasper has advised government agencies such as the European Commission, investment banks, major utilities and commodity trading companies and various exchanges in Europe, CEE countries, North America and Asia. Some of the issues he has advised on are the development and implementation of a Risk Management Framework, investment strategies, trading and hedging strategies, initiation of Power Exchanges (APX) and other trading platforms, the set-up of (OTC) Clearing facilities, and feasibility and market studies like for the LNG Market.

Kasper has given numerous seminars, workshops and (in-house) training sessions about both the physical and financial trading of commodity products. The courses have been given to companies all over the world, in countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, China, India, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Kasper has published several articles in specialist magazines such as Commodities Now and Energy Risk and he is the co-author of a book called A Guide to Emissions Trading: Risk Management and Business Implications, published by Risk Books in 2004.