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Two ways to improve training effectiveness against lower costs


Your people are your most valuable asset. They need constant education to keep them up to date and productive. In these financial troubled times it is a challenge to get your people trained in the most effective way, within the limitations of tighter budgets.

Many companies do send their people to general courses, often held in foreign countries. So there will certainly be extra travel and hotel costs involved. Besides, these training sessions are structured in a general way. So your people will also be told about issues not so relevant to their day–to-day work. Is it necessary to send them to general courses? The answer is no. There are 2 alternatives.

E-learning for basic level

For basic courses the alternative is offering the content to your people as an online e-learning course. The advantage of a basic e-learning course is that participants can do it in their own speed and time. Besides they could skip certain parts when they are already familiar with the content. The end result is that all participants will have the same knowledge level. That is a good starting point for a classroom course.

Therefore, Maycroft has recently launched a new service called: E-learning Solutions. To learn more about the possibilities that e-learning has to offer we have put online a pilot module. Please feel free to run through this demo. E-learning like this could be done on your own intranet, or via the dedicated website of Maycroft.

More advanced in-house training

As a follow up to a basic course we advice an in-house training course. Such a course is exactly tailored to the needs of your company. Any confidential information could be freely discussed, thus significantly enhancing the learning experience of your people.

Do you want to know more about how you and your company can benefit from our online and in house training expertise? Contact Kasper Walet, Managing Director of Maycroft.

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