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Pre-publication offer for Report on OTC Clearing for energy companies


The coming into force of the new EU regulation called EMIR might become a game changer for energy companies. EMIR will introduce significant changes to the OTC energy derivatives market by mandating central clearing of energy companies who exceed certain thresholds.

Mandatory clearing means a structural change in the foundations of the market infrastructure for OTC derivatives. These changes will have multiple effects on participants in the European electricity and gas markets.

As we received a lot of requests from energy companies to support them in formulating a strategy to adapt to this new business environment, we decided that we are going to write a report about this issue. The report will be called: Master (OTC) Clearing for Energy Companies and will be published by the end of October.

We are offering this report for a special pre-publication tariff of € 495 (a € 200 discount).

For a summary of the report and to order please click here.

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