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The credit function at energy and commodity companies looks set to undergo revolutionary changes over the next couple of years. Regulation of derivatives trading has become a focus for governments across the globe since the financial crisis, with the US taking the lead in the form of the Dodd-Frank Act and Europe following closely behind.

As a result Collateral management will become an increasingly complex and vital component of credit risk management for the energy and commodity sector. For each market participant, keeping rack of the liquidity levels across the whole trading portfolio continues to increase in complexity as growing market liberalization combines with growing confidence from players in demanding bespoke over-the-counter physical and derivative contracts.

Certain members in the European Union seems to be keen to see reforms enacted in the commodity markets, members who view commodity derivative speculation in particular as a root cause of rocketing prices. As such, the possible introduction of long-debated measures such as mandatory clearing means that companies must prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario, with collateral management requiring even more time and effort.

In the meantime, the energy sector is very busy to regulate itself with regards to collateral management, by increasing standardization and automation of the trade reconciliation process between counterparties.

In this one day seminar we will share our view on what is likely to happen and how you could prepare yourself and your company to manage these changes. For the detailed course outline, please click here

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