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Master the Basics of the Power Purchase Agreement

What you will learn

  • The essentials of both the utility and corporate PPA's
  • How Project Finance of a power asset works
  • What makes a bankable PPA
  • The structure of the PPA tariff
  • The key PPA risks and how to manage these
  • How to deal with Change in Law and Force majeure under a PPA
  • How to arrange insurance and solve disputes

The course will end with an online exam and every student passing this test will receive a certificate.


Program Overview

The use of Power Purchase Agreements or PPA's is expanding rapidly all across the world in both industrialized and emerging markets. For a major part driven by the fast growth of renewables, but also for coal or gas fired plants in emerging economies. PPA's are complex contracts, so first of all a thorough understanding of the different aspects of a PPA is key.

In this PPA introduction program you will gain the knowledge about the essentials of the PPA that would give you the basic skills to understand what it is all about and be a good sparring partner to the experts. This program will teach you what is expected by the regulators, lenders, project sponsors, and off-takers to have a successful and bankable PPA.

The program consists of on demand videos and is divided in an introduction video and 18 video lessons dealing with different topics. You will be guided through the content in an inspiring, hands-on manner. It is designed so knowledge is built gradually. We therefore recommend that students follow the lessons in the suggested order. However, you may choose to enroll in any lesson of your choice based on your background knowledge or experience.

The program is designed by PPA expert Kasper Walet, who has many years of experience working with and teaching industry partners from all over the world.

Coarse Outline

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction
  • Lesson 2 - Lifecycle Of A Power Generation Project
  • Lesson 3 - Project Finance
  • Lesson 4 - Bankability
  • Lesson 5 - Roles Of Actors
  • Lesson 6 - Overview Of PPA Obligations
  • Lesson 7 - Timing Requirements
  • Lesson 8 - Tariff Structures
  • Lesson 9 - Invoicing & Payment
  • Lesson 10 - Risk Allocation & Mitigation
  • Lesson 11 - Commercial Operational Data
  • Lesson 12 - Development Or Construction Risk
  • Lesson 13 - Operational Phase Risks
  • Lesson 14 - Change In Law Risk
  • Lesson 15 - Change In Tax
  • Lesson 16 - Force Majeure
  • Lesson 17 - Fuel Supply & Price Risk
  • Lesson 18 - Insurance
  • Lesson 19 - Dispute Resolution


Individual license

  • 1 user: € 295

Company licences

  • If you are interested in taking a company license for several users, please contact us to receive a price offer.

Prices are in euro, and, if applicable, exclusive of VAT, for a 12-month contract.

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