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E-learning Solutions

In these financial troubled times you probably have a much lower budget for sending your people to a training abroad. However, your people are your key asset and you certainly do see the need to constantly educating them.

We believe that e-learning is a very good alternative to training your people. It is less costly and more efficient as your people can stay behind their desk or follow the course in their own time at home.

Maycroft can offer you e-learning courses about many different commodities and risk management issues. These courses will be tailor made to your requirements and you could run them on your Intranet or we could do that for you as well.

You can try a pilot module of an e-learning course about Carbon Trading, called "The Carbon Market -  a beginners guide". This module will give you a impression of the many interesting features that an e-learning course has to offer. When you combine it with other educational tools such as Q&A online sessions with the trainer, you can be sure that your people will have an excellent learning experience.

To give you an idea of what we could cover, here are some possible e-learning topics:

  • Carbon Trading and Strategies
  • Financial Trading and Hedging in oil markets
  • Electricity Trading and Hedging
  • Natural Gas Trading
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management

If you would like to discuss the opportunities of e-learning - free of charge of course - all you have to day is to contact Kasper Walet.