Your Commodities Risk Management Partner

We have 20+ years of experience in the commodity industry. Let us share our knowledge, expertise and experience with you!

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Commodity Risk Management

Fluctuating commodity prices can have a huge impact on your profitablity. We can help you assessing the risks involved, and show you how to manage them.

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Carbon Markets and Emissions Trading

Emissions trading is not just something for environmental specialists anymore. It can have huge impacts on business results and company value. Discuss your opportunities with us!

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Education is key to keep your company competitive. Staying up-to-date in commodity markets requires tailor-made training. Discuss your training opportunities with us!

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Commodity Exchanges and Clearing

Worldwide commodity trading is growing very rapidly. Maycroft has 20+ years of experience in this business area! Discuss your opportunities with our exchange and clearing experts.

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Your commodities and risk management partner

You are active in the commodity business. You have some specific issues that you need a solution for. Maycroft has over 20 years of experience in the commodity industry.

Many companies already benefited from our knowledge. We would like to share our expertise with you as well. All you have to do is contact us and learn what we could do to support you.

We have 4 main areas of expertise:



Key insights on the latest trends and events in Corporate PPA's

Launch of new Corporate PPA's Europe Magazine

Wouldn’t it be nice having the latest developments in the fast changing European Corporate PPA markets at your fingertips? Maycroft is now launching our new Corporate PPA's Europe Monthly Bulletin. A magazine that will provide you key insights on the latest trends and events in Corporate PPA's across Europe.

The European electricity markets are changing fast as most countries are moving to market based arrangements for the production of renewable energy. This together with the increasing electricity and CO2 market prices and the decreased costs of producing wind and solar energy builds the case for a growth acceleration of renewable Corporate PPA's. However, across Europe Renewable PPA markets are in different phases of development, each country with their own barriers and opportunities.

One month at a time we will give you an edge on how the renewable sourcing of electricity is changing and how that creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed. Benefit from our proven, unique and extensive power business intelligence with regards to the global Renewable Corporate PPA best practices.

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References and client quotes

Please have a look at our extensive beference List for an overview of some of our clients.

Kasper Walet is widely acknowledged to be one of the world's best expert resources on the carbon market. He skillfully engages senior and mid-level executives on the latest issues surrounding the carbon commodity - enlightening and challenging new participants in the market as well as experienced credit buyers, transaction specialists, and various service providers.

Rex Ian Sayson, Project Director, Energy Network