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Forward Curve Creator

A State of the art model at an affordable price

Do you believe that a forward hourly price curve model is only affordable to the big energy companies? Not anymore! In close cooperation with Belektron from Slovenia, Maycroft now introduces the Forward Curve Creator.

With this easy to use, state-of-the-art tool now also medium and small sized energy companies can create up-to-date forward hourly price curves in minutes, without having to employ expensive modeling experts.

Standard contracts and individual needs don't always match

In most electricity markets there is a liquid market for a set of standardised contracts with certain delivery periods: monthly, quarterly and yearly. There are certain delivery structures as well: baseload en peakload. However, in the OTC and retail market many contracts often involve individual delivery structures on an hourly or finer time granularity. To price these hourly structures a forward curve on an hourly basis is required.

Screenshot of output Forward Curve CreatorConstructing hourly forward curves by yourself is a daunting and time consuming job, with numerous modeling alternatives. Selecting the wrong alternative often results in questionable results and lengthy repetitions of the modeling process.

Therefore Maycroft has developed this essential tool that will support you to build real-time electricity forward hourly price curves. Our model is specifically suitable for every electricity supplier or trader, big or small, who delivers or deals with non-standard electricity contracts with variable (not only base-load and peak-load) delivery schedules.

Free trial subscription

We are offering you a free 4 week free trial subscription to our Forward Curve Creator email service. Once every week we will send you by email the Forward Curves build to your preferences regarding structure, time frame and frequency. In this 4 week period you can experience how valuable these forward curves are to your day-to-day business.

At the end of this 4 week period you can decide whether you would like to keep using our product, by subscribing to our Forward Curve Creator email services, or buying the Forward Curve Creator software tool. Please contact us to sign up for your free 4 week trial subscription!

In addition to the information above, we have prepared a FAQ that answers some questions you may have about the Forward Curve Creator tool.