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There is so much going in Europe’s electricity, gas markets. A myriad of new regulations like, REMIT, MAR, EMIR and MiFID 2 need to be dealt with. Many energy companies have taken action to have some kind of program in place to make sure that they will be compliant to regulations like REMIT, MAR and MiFID 2.

However, in contrast to what many companies believe that is not the end but only the beginning of the process. Now the real daunting task starts of implementing a solid trading surveillance system, i.e. how to internally monitor, execute and enforce your own compliance programs.

To support you with these daunting tasks, we offer you the following services:


Our highly successful tailored and bespoke 1 day REMIT and MAR Compliance for your Front Office workshop.
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Regular postings of articles about the different aspects of compliance and surveillance on LinkedIn and here on our own website.


Our monthly subscription based Bulletin about Compliance and Surveillance for energy trading firms. To get a feel of its high quality and valuable contents here you can find the first 4 complimentary issues.

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Complimentary issues:

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