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How to survive in the fast changing LNG Markets


The next 3-5 years the global LNG market will go through a cycle of change in the underlying fundamentals. Particularly the new wave of supply from the US is going to be a game changer. If no new demand will be created to absorb this supply surplus, there will be a surge in LNG spot trading. Impacting the global LNG prices in the short and medium term.

This disruption would have an impact on the entire value chain on a global scale. There will be a need for more flexible contracts, and new pricing mechanisms as short-term and spot trading grows. Now the current status quo will cease to exist LNG buyers, sellers and traders will have to change to new business models to be among the winners in the market. Some of these changes are going to provide great opportunities for those who can realign their business.

To tackle these issues give you the cutting-edge knowledge needed to survive in today’s complex LNG markets, we have developed 2 new course outlines;

1. One is a 3 day course in which we will take you through all the upcoming changes and offer possible solutions for you and your company to survive in this disruptive and challenging market environment. For the outline: please click here.

2. The other one is a 2 day LNG derivatives and Risk Management training course on how to use derivatives in the LNG trading strategies and risk management. For the outline please click here

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