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Commodity Awareness Training Course for banks


Maycroft is now offering a new in-house Commodity Awareness Course to banks. With the upswing in commodity prices in 2009 and the greater investor risk appetite commodities are back in the interest of the banks. To be able to fully benefit from this the banks will certainly want to have anyone within the bank involved in commodities to be trained in the latest developments and techniques. Whether this are risk analysts, back office people, or sales people, all of them will have a need to better understand the commodity exposures that the clients of the bank are facing and the products that the bank could offer to manage these commodity risks.

In this highly interactive training course we from Maycroft will share our 20 + years of expertise in the commodity derivatives industry. The training will be tailored exactly to your needs and the desired level (from basic to advanced).

Please click here for an example of the program for Asia.

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