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Education - Training courses

These examples are in house training courses that we provided to companies and banks in Europe, Asia and North America. All our courses are tailored to the exact needs and wishes of our specific clients.

Carbon trading and strategy

The carbon market has the potential to become the greatest, but also most complex commodity market the world has ever seen. In this course Kasper Walet, one of the global leading experts, will take you through the challenges and opportunities for you and your company of this very interesting market.
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Electricity trading and hedging

The European electricity markets are very dynamic, but there is also a lot of uncertainty about issues such as security of supply, the impact of carbon and new technologies coming to the market. Through this course you will get a better understanding of, and a practical insight into the complexities and risks of the electricity trading markets in Europe.
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LNG arbitrage, hedging and risk management

This 3 day intensive course will give you the cutting-edge knowledge needed in today’s complex LNG market. It will increase your expertise in the LNG market, raise your knowledge to a higher level and enhance your performance.
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Establishing a CDM project and trade CERs

The total value of greenhouse gas emission permits traded in 2007 reached USD 60 billion, an 80% rise on the 2006 figure of USD 35 bn. The remarkable growth in the secondary CDM market shows that companies are ready to invent new, creative tools for managing present and future carbon constraints.
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Understanding enterprise risk management for energy companies

You and your energy company are probably wondering what went wrong with he risk management after the credit crisis did hit the financial players and what lessons you could learn to better equip yourselves for the future. Now the lessons of the credit crisis become clear this is the time to undertake a fairly rigorous examination.
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